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Move to a Warmer, Cheaper Place?

Question: I’m retired, live in Boston and want to move to a warmer, cheaper place. But I don’t want to give up big city cultural amenities. I also have health issues and need good health care facilities nearby. Suggestions? — Janet (NY)

Answer: My sister moved to Sarasota two years ago.She also had been living in Boston. When she retired two years ago she sold her house and bought a condo in Sarasota. She loves the weather there. It doesn't even get too hot in the summer. And she loves being near the beach. But the best thing was the price of housing—way lower than in Boston. She says that the theater and concerts there are excellent plus they're cheaper and easier to get to than in Boston. She's a big golf player, too, and Sarasota has some good courses. She's heard that Sarasota Memorial is a good hospital and there's a lot of doctors around but she doesn't get sick much so she doesn't know too much about that. — Ann (CT)

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