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Question Box: Stop lipstick from bleeding

Question: How do I stop my lipstick from bleeding? Help! I have these vertical wrinkles right over my lips and my lipstick bleeds into them. I hate to put my lipstick on because it looks so awful. Any ideas? — Joanne (NY)

Readers' Answers:

Coat your mouth and go slightly outside your lip line with a clear lip balm, like Chapstick. Problem solved. — Tina (CA)

Keep the skin around your lips very moisturized. Lipstick "travels" to a drier area. It won't travel if the area around your lips is kept moist. — MaryJo (NJ)

Use lipliner. Buy a lipliner that is either clear or matches the color of your lipstick. Then outline your lips with it. The lipliner will act like a barrier. — Derri (FL)

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