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Question Box: Colors I should wear

Question: What colors should I wear? — Mary (FL)

Answer: I've always worn really bright reds and blues (my favorite colors!) but now they make me look washed out. My husband says I should just wear brighter makeup but at 71, I feel I'd look like a clown. I've lost a lot of weight lately so I need a lot of new clothes and I don't want to buy the wrong things.  — Milly (ND)

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Readers' Answers:

I would stick with the colors you've always worn but go for softer, lighter shades. Lots of us get paler as we get older so very bright colors can make us look kind of washed out. Also, I wouldn't wear a lot of different bright colors at the same time. Stick with one bright color per outfit, maybe a red sweater, and then go with a color that will go with everything, like gray or beige for the pants and the jacket.    — Joelle (FL)

Take a hand mirror and go visit a store where they sell a lot of towels. Wash off all your makeup and then put different colored towels right up next to your face and see what looks best in the mirror. Colors that put roses in your cheeks when you're not wearing any makeup are the ones you should look for next time you go shopping. — Florence (TX)

The most important thing is to wear a really soft color like white or cream near your face. Then you can wear whatever for the rest of your outfit. — Suzette (CA)

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